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Pick-4 Green Ball Double Draw

Available September 1-14, 2014

When the Green Ball pops up, you get a second chance to win!

Immediately following each Pick-4 drawing during the promotion, an additional drawing will occur from a hopper including several white balls and one Green Ball. If the Green Ball is drawn, an additional set of Pick-4 winning numbers will be selected for either that midday or evening drawing. If your selected numbers for that midday or evening drawing match either of the two sets of winning Pick-4 numbers, you win the prize associated with that tier listed in the Pick-4 prize chart (click on the "Odds and Prizes" tab above).

If a white ball is drawn, it will be removed from the pool of balls in the hopper. The Green Ball drawing will carryover from midday to evening to midday, etc. For example, if during the midday drawing a white ball is selected, the Green Ball drawing that evening will occur from the one Green Ball and one less white ball. With each midday and evening drawing, a white ball will be removed until the Green Ball is drawn, at which point all balls will be placed back into the hopper for the following drawing.

For more information, see the Pick-4 Green Ball Double Draw Rules.


Want excitement? Pick-4 is what you're looking for.

Pick 4

Looking for something fun to help you get through the day? You've found it with Pick-4. With drawings twice a day, every day—at just 50 cents per wager—it gives you something exciting to look forward to.

Plus, for just $1 extra, you can add Instant Match to your Pick-4 ticket for a chance to win up to $500 instantly!

Here's how to play:

  • Purchase a Pick-4 ticket at any New Jersey Lottery Retailer.
  • Pick any 4 numbers between 0000 and 9999.
  • You can play Pick-4 straight or boxed. To learn more, check out the Pick-4 Odds & Prizes.
  • You can play STRAIGHT and BOX on the same ticket
  • You cannot place a BOX bet where all four digits are the same. For example, 0000 cannot be boxed.
  • If you'd rather have the Lottery computer randomly select your numbers for you, ask for a "Quick 4."
  • Select MIDDAY or EVENING draw. If no box is selected, the wager will be for the EVENING draw.
  • For $1 extra, you can add Instant Match.
  • You can play the same numbers for up to seven consecutive drawings. Just mark the number of draws on your bet slip corresponding to the number of drawings you wish to play.
  • Give your bet slip to your retailer.


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Odds and Prizes

How to Bet Odds If You Bet... How to Win What You Win*
Straight — Any 4-digit number from 000 to 999. Match in exact order. 1 : 10,000 1234 1234 $2,788.00
(full prize share)
24-Way Combination (Box) — Any 4-digit number with all different digits. Match in any order. 1 : 417 1234 1234, 1324, 1423, 1243, 1342, 1432, 2134, 2314, 2413, 2143, 2341, 2431, 3124, 3214, 3412, 3142, 3241, 3421, 4123, 4213, 4312, 4132, 4231, 4321 $116.00
(1/24 of straight prize bet)
12-Way Combination (Box) — Any 4-digit number with 2 digits the same. Match in any order. 1 : 833 1123 1123, 1132, 1213, 1231, 1321, 1312, 2311, 2113, 2131, 3211, 3112, 3121 $232.00
(1/12 of Straight prize bet)
6-Way Combination (Box) — Any 4-digit number with 2 sets of digits the same. Match in any order. 1 : 1,667 1122 1122, 1212, 1221, 2211, 2121, 2112 $464.50
(1/6 of Straight prize bet)
4-Way Combination (Box) — Any 4-digit number with 3 digits the same. Match in any order. 1 : 2,500 1112 1112, 1121, 1211, 2111 $697.00
(1/4 of Straight prize bet)

*Fifty percent of the total amount of all bets for each game will be placed in the game's prize pool to be shared by the winners in accordance with a pari-mutuel formula. "What you win" calculations are based on an average payout of a 50¢ bet and total prize pool for an evening draw.

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